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We have developed a roadmap and organisation that helps you achieve your mission and navigate the complexities of getting your healthcare technology successfully to market. We do this with the world-class backing of King's, in close proximity to one of the foremost research and ‘in practice’ healthcare sites in the world.

We understand the
MedTech challenge

Many MedTech innovations fail due to the challenges surrounding regulation, clinical adoption, health economics, manufacturing, and the payer landscape. The interplay of all these elements is critical for successful go-to-market, but early-stage companies lack the resources to overcome this “valley of death”. 

We understand this challenge fully, and have the roadmap to overcome it. LIHE’s team of over 20 multi-disciplinary experts provides you everything you need for success in one place with dedicated, sustained and tailored executive support, built around you to help you achieve your mission. 

Uniquely, by being co-located with our clinical and industry partners in LIHE, you will get answers to your most critical questions, and you will develop a deep understanding of the journey ahead to proceed at pace.

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As a HealthTech spin-out from King's College London integrated into the St Thomas' MedTech ecosystem, we've benefited from game-changing advantages to develop next-generation technology for improved surgical care. With unparalleled access to global industry leaders, cutting-edge surgical development facilities and world-leading clinical expertise, it's hard to overstate the value this ecosystem has provided to us.
Dr Micheal Ebner
Dr Michael Ebner

CEO, Hypervision Surgical

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UK’s first MedTech Venture Builder

A collaborative effort of King's College London with three of London’s leading academic institutions, Queen Mary University London, City, University of London, and St. George’s University London, LIHE will host the first company-led MedTech Venture Builder in the UK.

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Our collaborative focus on MedTech allows us to take ventures a significant step further than what has been achieved before. We will provide the structures that are critical to a robust MedTech company, such as a regulatory plan, a clinical evidence roadmap and stakeholder mapping, extensive hands-on guidance and monthly strategic progress review, all within a fit-for-purpose Quality Management System (QMS).

This is a truly unique opportunity for very select, high-potential MedTech companies to receive fully customised, extensive executive support from experts in commercial translation from the partner institutions at no cost. 

This is only possible with the support of a grant by Research England.

UKRI Research England

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Bespoke support

LIHE represents the confluence of King’s world-leading scientific, clinical, regulatory, market access and commercial capabilities, uniquely harnessed for the translation to market of new medical devices. 

We are your partner in getting your product to the bedside and the market, helping you with executive support to navigate a complex healthcare landscape.

In the building are housed our experts in all aspects of MedTech commercial translation from King’s and partners. Indicatively, you will get one-on-one support from experts from the below leading centres:

  • For Health Technology Assessment support: King’s Technology Evaluation Centre (KiTEC)
  • For Regulatory Affairs and Quality Management (to ISO13485): National centre for the Manufacture of Active Implants and Surgical Instruments (MAISI)
  • For Clinical Translation and Governance: Research Department for Surgical & Interventional Engineering (SIE)
  • For go-to-market and strategy: Science and Engineering Health Technologies Alliance (SEHTA)
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Join LIHE and give your MedTech venture the best chance of success

LIHE is the latest trailblazing initiative from King’s College London

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